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Welcome to the World of Mundijong

Even living the mediocre contrived lifestyle, one can never predict or plan,
for life presents endless surprises and opportunities. Some stay put, some go.

John comes and goes down every avenue, some light, some dark, taking relevant emotions along, twisting, turning, trying, failing to achieve what?

He lives, laughs, dances, cries...

Mundijong - Jet
The sky's the limit for mundijong as they head off
for Aberdeen to shoot the new video.
by Blue Star Productions...

Some History of Mundijong...

Before Mundijong, a Band Called Horse was formed by Mikov in 1999... ...having been a drummer since 75 working/ supporting etc with the likes of:- danse society/ blue zoo/ big bamboo/ neneh cherry/ u2/ hothouse flowers/ tlc/ police/ omd etc... He turned his vast memoirs into ink & consolidated all of his many ideas that were stored but never evolved. He worked and wrote with his long term pal Nod who always wanted to do his own thing.

Although they were influenced by rock music since 1967 onwards inc:- purple/ zep/ alice/ bad co/ feelgood... Their music was sometimes pessimistic and often deadly apathetic but combining a mixture of humour and occasional silliness somehow balanced the impression of defeat,.. with a smile...

At that time it was rob peck injecting vocal emotions, retaining melodies with great style... A Band Called Horse seemed commercial in a formulation point of view, but delivered more than the norm; twisting + turning , the unpredictability of it all was unique, dynamic in the arrangements & did it with such conviction that,... it really counldn't be ignored.

Mundijong Members

Mundijong are Harry Wiliams (Vocals), Nod Kosmalski (Guitars), Bob Marvellous (Bass and other noises), Mikov Sparroni (Drums).
Mundijong - Rock Band from the UK, Mundijong formed in 1999 and took it's current form in 2002, taking it's name from an outer Suburb of Perth in Western Australia. Genre: Rock and Classic Rock Mundijong Rock Band, Page - default

Mundijong - Rock Band

Rock and Clissic Rock Band from the UK
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