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Mundijong is a ROCK band and the diverse experiences of each member means there are influences from all over the world and from every period of Rock History.

Summer 2002 - Mundijong takes its current form...

Harry Williams - Vocals
Nod Kosmalski - Guitar
Bob Marvellous - Bass
Mikov Sparroni - Drums

...rising from the ashes of 'A Band Called Horse', a project started by Mikov and Nod in 1999.
The Mundijong name comes from a small town in Western Australia visited by Nod in 1998, it lived up to its aboriginal meaning 'The Meeting Place' when Mik and Nod were joined by Bob in 2001 (having played in a number of bands with Nod over the years) and Harry in 2002 (brought together by the internet as members of the solarise records website).
Utilizing studios around the UK (Liverpool, Birmingham and many around North London and the South West) Mundijong have their 'Home' at Bob's 'Megabang' studio in Hertfordshire.

February 2005 - Publishing deal with ACM Records

Mundijong sign a publishing deal for 5 of their compositions with ACM Records in New Jersey

Summer 2005 - First album with the current line-up nears completion

Harry Williams

Harry Williams started writing songs twenty years ago and as never stopped. He has written songs for other artists as well as himself. He recorded his first album five years ago which he sells in the Northwest of England and his homeland Wales.

He sings both in English and in his native Welsh and is never happier than when he is on stage singing. There is no other substitute for what he calls 'The Passion'. Before his solo endeavours he sang for seven years for a soul band called Re Souled. The songs where all 'Motown'. In the latter years frustrated at not being able to vary the styles he took to the road by himself and has enjoyed shocking the audience with his virility and power vocals.

He began working with Mundijong three years ago after the band heard a track from his album. They sent him some tracks to work on the the first song 'Crazy' was born. In their own words. 'Faaacking hell!'. They were impressed. So now we have an album's worth of Great songs. Says Who! - Says Us. Not an album with one song that will sell the album, but an album of excellent tunes. No stolen ideas here... Mikov and Nod already have some great songs like Nod's almighty Spiral Down and Mikov's 'John' Trilogy. The epitaph. No need for over confident baloney, with Bob's musical awareness, mixing and production skills Mundijong can only get better and better.

The Mundijong Album will be a success.

Harry Williams, News at Ten
Aber Glen Dovey Dewi

Nod Kosmalski

Nod Kosmalski has played with many varied outfits over the years but it's Rock that he has returned to with Mundijong.

Nod's laid back attitude and trademark LesPaul/Marshall sound perfectly compliment Mik's pounding beat, Bob's thumping bass and Harry's power vocals.

It's Nod's guitar that provides the backbone of the Mundijong sound and it's Nod with Mik who come up with the writing goods time after time, providing a platform on which the rest of the band can perform.

Bob Marvellous

Bob Marvellous was an experienced guitarist before finally moving up to Bass full time in 1995. It was about this time that his knowledge and interest in Music and Recording technology led to the creation and evolution of his 'Megabang' studio used by Mundijong to Record, Produce and Mix their music today.

Joining Mikov and Nod to perform at a live video promotion in 2001 was his introduction to Mundijong and it was immediately obvious that this was going to be a long term collaboration.
The following few short months were spent recording new ideas and working on some already partially completed recordings without a vocalist, but it all came together when Harry added his contribution to some of those ideas in 2002 and the final parts of the Mundijong jigsaw fell into place.

'Never Look Back' says Bob - 'I did once and walked into a lamp post.'

Mikov Sparroni

Mikov Sparroni has vast experience as a drummer, working with, touring with and supporting some of the biggest names in the business. His partnership with Nod started in 1999, writing based on his memoirs and consolidating many ideas that had formed over the years but had never been committed to song.

Mik and Nod produced a Rock Album - 'Mundijong' , collaborating with musicians they had crossed paths with on the way, and it was in promoting this album that Mundijong the band began to come together.

Miks prolific song writing talent and inexhaustible enthusiasm drive the Mundijong machine in combination with Harry's own superlative writing ,melodic and vocal skills.

Mundijong Western Australia

The name Mundijong is taken from an outer Suburb of Perth in Western Australia.
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Mundijong - Rock Band

Rock and Clissic Rock Band from the UK
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