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Mundijong - Mikov
In the grounds of the Mega Bang Recording Complex (newly opened to the public) Mikov outlines his plan for the DVD shoot early April 2003...
Christ on a Bike - I don't know what 'es on about Guv...

4th April 2003 ...And They're Off!
Mundijong - Tramp
John the tramp takes shape - notice how Mikov is practicly unrecognisable after this extraordinary transformation.

Mundijong - Shoes
'When the soles of your shoes are worn out,
you'll be back on your feet again.'

Mundijong - Pubs
Nod - When do the Pubs open?

Mundijong - Moon Walk
Lee is not convinced about Mikov's moon-walking scene

Mundijong - Nod
I call this one - 'F'

Mundijong - Drinking
After literally minutes of filming, the guys take a well earned break in the 'Red Lion' - happily located at the Hub of the filming locations.

Mundijong - Good Kickin's
'Move along now - there's nothing to see...'
Rob (Good Kickin's a speciality)

Mundijong - Rock Star
Director, Lee cannot believe that this guy on the bench 24 hours previous was an international rock star!, its amazing what an hour flight and 10 pints of Tennants does!!

Mundijong - Lap Top Bar
Wow, is this Simon le Bon and Tony Hadley? No, its Mikov [apre' shaving] and director Lee having yet another Tennants break!...or are they at the local lap top bar?
(Lap Top Bar...? Ed)

Mundijong - Alcohol
Nod convinces a local that anyone can become a movie star and there really IS a future!... without giving up alcohol!

Mundijong - Arse Punching
Nod is caught red handed in bed with a wild beast that he coaxed back the previous evening whilst bar crawling the back streets of aberdeen!.
This is what can happen if you go Arse Punching in Scotland.

Mundijong - Wine Gums
Mikov shows off his wine gum collection at the Airport.

Mundijong - Hoi Touxsie

Mundijong have now evolved (congealed?) into
Mundijong - Filming of the Spiral Down Video in Aberdeen (which is in Scotland). Mundijong Rock Band, Page - more

Mundijong - Rock Band

Rock and Clissic Rock Band from the UK
Mundijong, Filming, Spiral Down, Aberdeen, Video Mundijong Rock Band, Page - more

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